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Meet Grace, a fascinating Christian woman in her thirties who seems to have it all. She is an honest example of the complexity felt by many professional black women who secretly struggle with depression and the myth of "the Strong Black Woman." Grace challenges stereotypes about depression and provides women with an opportunity to identify with her, offering a model for faith, prioritizing self-care, and finding love.


House of Pixels aims to bring joy to foster, homeless, and unwell children through the magic of birthdays.

HOP will bring birthdays, sleep sack packs, & blessing bags to various facilities, hospitals, & homes. Every time House of Pixels is booked, another child is celebrated! We urge families to volunteer together, attend HOP events together, and get unplugged to help us reach our goals!

hey planted their flag in Gowanus, Brooklyn in 2010. Michael & Ping's is a 40-seat, casual, counter-service restaurant. Our goal has always been and continues to be, to serve up some tasty Chinese food for the neighborhood that doesn't leave you feeling guilty.

There is no flavor-steroid MSG used EVER,

Fresh ingredients are prepped DAILY,

They focus on great customer service ALWAYS.

Michael & Pings​

Come in for a bite and a drink, pick up your order, or relax at home and have them deliver.  

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